About ADI

ADI building

Applied Digital, Inc. is a US-based company specializing in solving problems for customers through the design and manufacture of electronics. Founded in 1984, ADI houses their own mechanical and electrical engineering team in an 18,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Branson, Missouri. They specialize in custom automation controls. Long before anyone ever heard of Alexa®, ADI was controlling lights, thermostats, even sprinkler systems. The bulk of their operation concerns custom industrial automation controls in the automotive, aerospace, and commercial power industries, collecting an impressive client list, including GM, Ford, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, NASA, and Iowa Light and Power, to name a few.

Since 1988, ADI has been a leader and innovator in the indoor tanning industry, manufacturing internal tanning bed timers and control boards as well as T-Max salon controllers. ADI continues to drive the industry, yet remains rooted in their commitment to their customers. When you call us, you will speak to the very people who designed and built the system.

Builing upon their foundation of automation controllers, 2017 saw the introduction of aQuarius Farm Controls, where the name of the game is resource management. By monitoring weather conditions and soil moisture, aQuarius gives farmers all the information they need to conserve water, time and labor, activating irrigation systems only when and where needed. Cloud based reporting keeps track of everything, providing essential reports for budgeting and government tax breaks.

It was only a small leap to bring the aQuarius technology inside when, in 2023, ADI developed LodgeStat Energy Management & Automation. This time focusing on property managers, LodgeStat keeps tabs on electricity usage, environmental conditions and water leaks, giving off-site staff the ability to effectively monitor and control various utilities and mechanicals, leading to money savings and avoiding costly damage.

As ADI continues to branch out to new industries, they also thrive on the challenge of custom projects. Find out how ADI can develop your next big project.

Through the Years


Applied Digital, Inc. founded

Dan Smith and his wife, Melody, set up shop in Ames, Iowa to design a counter board for the IBM PC.


Tanning bed timers

Recognizing the popularity of indoor tanning, ADI begins manufacturing timers for inside the beds.


ADI introduces the popular line of devices that allow tanning salon owners to control the entire salon from the front desk.


21st Century farmers know, it’s all about resources. aQuarius saves time, money and water with cloud based irrigation controls.


The newest innovation allowing property managers control of their investment’s mechanical systems from anywhere in the world.